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I was nervous that I wasn't going to get it right since I was being trained- he (David) was very supportive. I have three different dogs now- it's great. No one's confidence (dog included) was hindred. Was absolutely amazing; everything we wanted; I have a pit bull and was in fear she was going to be put down due to previous owner aggression- now this is not a fear of mine. That means more than anything.
Ale L., Houston, Texas 4th August 2012

Connie Archer was a God-send! She basically rescued us from having to re-home one of our pups when we were dealing with pack realignment issues. She spent a lot of time with us, listening and learning about our situation, then assessing our needs. It was more than we could've hoped for! She is fantastic!
Mike M., Dickinson, Texas 13th June 2012

Connie Archer is amazing. She took the time to understand our situation and provided wonderful training and guidance. She has a warm, gentle and assertive manner about her that shows compassion to both the owners and the pet. She taught us techniques and training that changed our behavior and our dog's that within 10 minutes had him performing in ways that we didn't think were possible. She taught our 5-year-old dog how to walk without pulling on a leash within minutes. No one else had ever been able to do that. We will definitely choose Connie Archer and Barkbusters for any future needs.
Royanne H., Pearland, Texas 17th April 2012

I am amazed how effective it is. I feel empowered as a pack leader. I'm a very happy dog owner with more confidence. I've treated co-workers to lunch just to tell them about my experience with Bark Busters. I'm very pleased with the humane training techniques. I was at a point of making a decision on whether I should keep my dog. Now I know that I can keep her, thanks so much !!!
Tamra K., Spring, Texas 17th March 2012

We have a six pound Pomeranian whom we got at 9 months of age. She is now 2 and has always been a barker and jumper with a mind of her own. Donna came to our house and in two hours had trained us on how to train Bandi. She had us well on our way before she left. Bandi has made huge strides in all areas and we are very happy with the results.
Dick Rentz, Houston 2nd February 2012

I am amazed at how quickly and how well Connie's tips worked for my 3 dogs. The one male was marking all over the house. He has not attempted to do this at all since Connie's visit. She helped me as well with some basic manners for all 3 dogs. They don't jump on visitors anymore! What a pleasure to have friends visit without being attacked! Thank you, Connie for your help. You are a kind and patient woman.
Shirley, Deer Park 16th December 2011

I contacted Donna because my 9-month-old Coton was constantly yapping at everything outside and inside the house. He was restless and driving me crazy. I could not let him greet people because I wasn't sure what he was going to do, and he had to be crated if had children visiting my house. He was also pulling on the leash and I felt embarrassed taking him for a walk due to his aggressive barking at people. We had done some basic puppy training based on operant conditioning (rewarding the dog with a treat) with him elsewhere so the dog knew the basics. However, it wasn't until Donna got here when the he understood what was really expected of him. After a two-hour session with Donna the barking, pulling and ambivalent behavior was gone. And this was all accomplished without the treats, which I found a lot more convenient and natural for me. The next day after Donna's visit I wasn't sure if the dog was sick because he was so peaceful. He wasn't sick. He simply knew what was his role now. I was the alpha in the house, not him. I would protect the house so that the dog didn't have to do it. The yapping, pulling, aggressive and otherwise ambivalent behavior around strangers and children was gone. When someone knocks at the door now, he knows that he's not supposed to bark and run to the door but he'll wait and do what is expected of him. I believe that dogs do well if they can. Before Donna got here my dog couldn't. Donna gave me the dog I always wanted. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much!
Riikka, Houston 11th September 2011

Connie Archer did a fabulous job with our English Bulldog, Reese's. Connie spent two hours focusing on the specific behavioral problems Reese's was having. I truly thought nothing was going to work on our over hyper stubborn bulldog. Connie's techniques worked like a charm! Reese's has been a wonderful dog ever since Connie came to our home. Before we were using a prong collar to try and keep Reese's in control but we have not used it at all since the training session. Connie was worth every penny!! We are enjoying our big bulldog more than ever before! Thanks!!
Sandra & Kevin, Houston 3rd May 2011

What Connie was able to do in a few hours, no other trainer has been able to do. I didn't think I would ever be able to allow strangers in my home again or control the excessive barking outside. Everyone is amazed at what she has done with my dog from the first day. I am extremely grateful that I found her.
Vee Emory, League City 3rd April 2011

Dave helped us with our four year old dog, Izzy, and we are very pleased. We liked his style as he gave us very useful advise, but allowed for our lifestyle and Izzy's personality. We will recommend him to our family, friends and their four legged friends. Thank you Dave.
Bill & Sandy, Houston 3rd February 2011

Bob was so patient and thorough with his instructions and we saw an immediate, huge change in all three dogs. It's very effective with no harshness. This training is totally the way to go !!!
Gillian S., Katy, Texas 20th January 2011

Donna is always all smiles and did a GREAT job helping me teach my Weimaraner good manners when we have guest at the house!! She is AMAZING!!
Susan, Houston 8th November 2010

Even my 7 year old could follow along and understood. We were skeptical....but the results were powerful and quick. Very pleased with the natural techniques. It was enjoyable and we all learned a lot. Now I feel like a dog trainer! My dog responds well to this program. I'm ready to learn more.
Michelle B., The Woodlands, Texas 8th September 2010

Very easy to understand and remember. Very noticeable difference - Tucker responded amazingly. Am I pleased with the natural training techniques? Very much, it's the first time training has worked. This method deals with communicating to dogs in their language, which is brilliant! This is worth every penny!
Jennifer P., Houston, Texas 25th February 2010

Connie is the BEST. We adopted a second rescue dog with lots of behavioral problems such as avoids human contact and barks/tears up kennel. Our dog, Abby is improving every day and is different dog in just a few months.
Laura W., Pearland 22nd February 2010

Just what we needed! Connie was a HUGE help to my husband and I in combating several bad habits our dachshund, Bristo, had displayed for several years. She didn't waste a single moment of our time, and just minutes into our training we were actually marveling at the changes in Bristo's behavior. The training methods she teaches can be used in so many valuable ways and we look forward to practicing them at every chance we get. I am so excited to not be fearful of Bristo's reaction to strangers when taking her on walks and when someone knocks on the door! Thank you, Connie!
Jessica, League City 11th July 2009

I have had the honor and privilege of observing David's work with a family who adopted a rescue dog from me. The session was packed with logical, practical approaches to solving problems. Results were obvious within minutes! David gave me new ways of looking at issues, and simple, clear-cut ways of solving them. Since then, I have referred all my clients whose dogs have behavior issues to Bark Busters with complete confidence. I am so grateful for David and his work because I know that so many owners and their dogs just need to communicate properly. I have faith in David to give owners the tools to do so.
Genevieve Keillor, DVM, Houston 28th June 2009

My 10-year-old rat terrier/Chi, Susie, has always terrorized other dogs and people when we go for walks. I could never take her to friends' houses, especially if they had a dog. I've lived the past few years in fear of a lawsuit. After only TWO visits by Bark Busters, Susie and I spent Saturday evening at a couple's house with their Pomeranian, and they all got along just like they were raised together! None of us could believe the transformation of Susie, after only TWO sessions - it is a true miracle! I finally feel like there is hope for Susie to be a normal dog after all these years! Bob and Bark Busters have been the answer to my prayers!!
Coni Moore, Katy 6th April 2009

My husband and I were totally amazed at how quickly Connie had our 3 dachshunds trained to not bark at every little noise. She gave us some very good tips and homework to continue the training process. She came once a week for about 6 weeks for reinforcement and to work on walking the dogs, sit/stay, come, etc. I have been recommending Bark Busters to all my friends.
Judy Spring, League city 10th March 2009

I cannot say enough great things about Connie. She has worked wonders with our dog, Macy. Her techniques are great for fearful dogs. Connie will train at your home, relatives house and even the park. Thank you so much, Connie!!! You have made a huge difference in our lives!
Laura W., Pearland 5th January 2009

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