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Prior to David Hay working with us, I was a constantly fighting Rowan's dominant personality. David did a great job with Rowan. Since working with us, Rowan has learned to defer to my authority. She's not perfect, but she's much improved. The three biggest improvements have been a reduction in leash aggression, responding to me when I call her and waiting for the command to come through doorways. She will even sit before I can even give her the command!I highly recommend Bark Busters and David Hay. He's made a huge difference in Rowan's behavior.
D.A.Burdick, Houston 1st December 2008

Bob was conscientious and very patient. His explanations were clear and effective. The results were dramatic! We are still a "work in progress". The training techniques are humane and reasonably simple to employ.
Naomi S., Cypress, Texas 23rd October 2008

Donna is a miracle worker, especially on the outdoor training sessions!
Tina D., Houston 9th October 2008

I like this gentler method b/c my dogs are sensitive. Any one can do it !
Clare H., Katy, Texas 13th July 2008

Bob's presentation was very informative and through! We saw a bog improvement in the dog's obedience immediately! The natural techniques are a benefit over the reward (w/treats)or any kind of negative punishments. We enjoyed the experience, learned a lot and it makes sense!
Renne R., Spring, Texas 12th February 2008

Very patient for owners & dogs. Not only explained what to do,but why. Instant results. I noticed amazing results !!
Jared M., Houston, Texas 19th January 2008

Amazing ! Bob presents the method very clearly w/great examples.
Tessa M., the Woodlands, Texas 12th January 2008

The dogs picked up instantly on the technique w/great response. We don' like training that is not friendly.
Lonnie C., The Woodlands, Texas 29th December 2007

I can't believe the change in our dog after just one session. He no longer refuses to leave his crate when we call him, and he isn't growling at our children. We aren't afraid of our dog any more.
Lisa R., Houston 9th November 2007

Donna is wonderful -- very knowledgeable about dog behavior. I was always able to call her and get prompt solutions to my dog problems. I loved working with Bark Busters!
Fran C., Houston 9th November 2007

Effective, liked that it was positive reinforcement. Bob is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people with their dogs. Thanks!!
Samantha U., Spring, Texas 9th September 2007

I had a new dog within 15 minutes. I was shocked at how simple it was.
Kim B., Houston 7th September 2007

Bark Busters provided the tools that we really needed to work with our dogs, and it's proving to be effective -- our dogs were definitely responding and exhausted by the end of the session.
Mary S., Houston 6th September 2007

The results are evident immediately and the techniques are easy. Bark Busters has enabled me to have a much better understanding of our dog's behavior. Overall I am extremely impressed with Donna Smith and pleased with the results of the training.
Karen S., Houston 6th September 2007

We are still in shock that it works! After spending money on other training that did not work, we are so happy.
Howard B., Houston 6th September 2007

The results are amazing, and the immediate problems of biting and pulling on pants legs were gone by the time Donna left.
Marcia F., Houston 6th September 2007

Donna was an excellent therapist. She was clear and presented the material in an interesting manner. My dog responded almost immediately.
John F., Houston 6th September 2007

It was amazing how much our dog's behavior had changed by the end of the session.
Charlotte M., Houston 6th September 2007

I have already recommended Bark Busters to several neighbors who saw improvement in my dog.
Jacquelyn R., Houston 6th September 2007

I saw marked improvement in our dogs' behavior in a short period of time.
Lewis C., Houston 6th September 2007

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