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The training session was EXCELLENT! Donna Smith was extremely knowledgeable and assessed the situation thoroughly and efficiently. Her intuition about my dog's personality, our relationship and his issues was spot on. She taught me how to work with Buster during our session, observed me interacting with him and guided me in training him. The plan she devised for me has worked perfectly. I was desperate for help and she was my angel because I have had incredible results following her plan and implementing her suggestions. I have also found great peace of mind in resolving this problem. Buster was becoming increasingly aggressive toward dogs who walked by our property whether they were running loose on their own or on a leash walking with their owners. Buster is enclosed by an in-ground wire fence and would run the fence line barking at dogs when they passed by our house. He also would frequently get shocked by the fence while running and barking because he would not mind the warnings from his receiver collar in his agitated state. Although he had not violated the fence line, I was afraid he would ultimately cross it with his increasing agitation and apparent aggression. Luckily, after Donna had been working with us for an hour or so during our session, a neighbor came by with her dog on a leash and Donna got to see Buster "in action." She worked with him giving him corrections as the neighbor passed by our house a few times (we asked the lady to walk by repeatedly for us). On their last pass by us, Donna had Buster sitting down and not even pulling on the leash attempting to run at them. Observing that, I was convinced this would work for us. Her session with me was on Sunday and after working with him per her recommendations twice on Monday and once Tuesday morning, I had the opportunity to work with Buster while a neighbor and her dog walked by on Tuesday afternoon. He came to me on command and sat down by me while we watched the dog and owner walk by our house. Buster whined as he sat but did not run or bark at them and remained in control after those few training sessions!!!! I continue to work with him and continue to see improvement. The training is so effective. One month later, I now can control him purely with voice command (without him being on a leash) when dogs walk by our house. Buster is a one year old lab/retriever mix whom I adopted six months ago. Now, thanks to Bark Busters, I know he has a long future with us. Thank you so much!!!
Donna C., Baytown, Texas 20th February 2014

David was clear and very patient. He gave us excellent tools to use in the future. We learned a lot and are eager to continue working. The concepts make sense and we are excited to put them to work. We already see improvement in our dogs' behavior. David is great. He is a patient teacher and very knowledgable.
Ashley B., Houston, Texas 7th February 2014

Great Trainer
Mary K., Houston, Texas 27th January 2014

We were very impressed and satisfied with the training we received from Connie. For both us and our dog. She is now a much more relaxed and obedient member of our family.
Linda S., Alvin, Texas 20th December 2013

Love, Love, Love Connie! She is amazing! She helped us introduce our little 12 pound, 4 year old dog Charlie, to Levi, an 8 month old Labrador Retriever. Charlie was known not to like other dogs. Within an hour Charlie and Levi were laying in the same room like they had known each other forever! Now they play and chase and chew on each others legs! We are one big happy family! I would highly recommend Connie!
Jennifer H., Pasadena, Texas 17th November 2013

My trainer with bark buster was Connie. She has arrived every time I have called her on time and each time with a different training subject. Molly was bad about running to the door when company came and jumping on them. We have taight her to stop on the steps and wait, she can now sit, go to her bed, stay, "give me five" hand shake, say her prayers, lay and finally after several tries with different methods, ride quietly in the car on a trip. I really enjoyed working with Connie as she showed me different methods to control Molly's actions. She also has learned to walk beside me with a different lead that Connie recommended. I also, after using Connie, found out thru neighbors and other friends, that she has made a significant difference with their pets in training and applying the methods she gave us. I highly recommend using her and Bark Busters.
Gail C., Pasadena, Texas 15th November 2013

When I made the phone call to connie I really thought brutus would be getting an F!!! She came in and brutus jumped all over her..jumped on couches. We would not allow for him to spend time inside with us as a family because he was so crazy! By the end of our 1st class, ben and I had already started to see a difference!! Our girls were scared of him and would always ask to put him in his crate. 1st class-we worked on jumping and succeded! 2nd class-we went over the basics of 1st class and worked on him sitting for when guests came to the door. Brutus was getting it down!! We just finished our 3rd class and brutus was able to walk on a leash without dragging us and pushing a stroller. AMAZING! !!! Brutus has become a totally different dog. We let him come in so much more!! The girls are able to play around him without fear! Connie is an amazing trainer and we will contact her again if we need more help. He did get a A+ at his last class! He does not jump, he stays in his boundaries at dinner time. He sits and is learning the steps of laying and staying!! He has become a great family member!
Amy and Ben S., friendswood, Texas 14th November 2013

The place had gone to the dogs: sibling rivalry, barking, fighting, chasing the cats, chasing squirrels, neurotic behavior, door scratching. This behavior has changed since Bob's first visit. The tension caused by the dog's previous behavior is gone. Bob gave us all ways to gain and retain control of the dogs' behavior to the level we need: bark once (not continuous), no fighting, no running the fence line, sit and wait to go out, come when called. It even works from outside the front door! The dogs feel loved and cared for, but they are not in control of the household. We have control of the dogs and love them dearly. Bob continues to be available for the life time of our dogs. It has been and continues to be a life altering experience for us all. Bob is a life saver for us and our dogs!
Pam A., Spring, Texas 11th November 2013

David was fantastic. He was extremely thorough and very smart. I have an 8 month old female (in heat) pit bull. She had been abandoned and wandered into my kitchen while I was cooking dinner. She's gorgeous, very sweet, strong (already 50 lbs) and still getting used to my home. I've only had her for 8 days. She had no training, didn't come when called, couldn't walk on a leash, etc. In about 3 hours David taught me a lot. We got my dog to respond to "sit", "stay", not to jump and how not to walk in front of me. David also taught me how to make myself the "alpha". He made total sense. I planned to purchase the lifetime package but after working with David today, I'm sure I will have no trouble training my puppy. So I only paid for the 1 day training. He explained that I have 2 weeks to upgrade with no penalty. I doubt I'll need a visit in 2 weeks but it's great to have that option. I give David my highest recommendation.
Jimmy V., Houston, Texas 24th October 2013

Connie is AMAZING! I previously had another trainer work with me and my dogs to help with their incessant barking. It was futile. They are toy rat terriers and they felt the need to bark and anything and everything that moved. In just two hours Connie had them under control! Using the Bah - growl is by far the best tool ever. They are so in tune to the Bah! that if they even think I'm going to growl they nip their bark in the bud. The UPS man and even the garbage truck can pass by in peace. It's nothing short of miraculous! Best money I've ever spent. My friends are amazed at how well behaved my dogs are when they come over. One of them even took Connie's card and is calling her to come work with her three dogs. What a GREAT experience! Thank you Connie! = )
Sandy S., Friendswood, Texas 8th October 2013

We want to express our full gratitude to Connie for her great experience as dog trainer. We can't think of a better one! She did such a great job: the stray dog we found was incontrolable and only after two lessons, hell became paradise! Connie is a mix of kindness and competence, that is rare in our world! Thank you to you, Connie!
Jean and Marie-Jeanne V., Clear Lake, Texas 7th September 2013

Connie was loved by our 2 French bulldog puppies. We started at 10 weeks old and had her help us each week. They've grown from 5 lbs each to about 30 lbs. They are well commanded and obedient as a result of the training. I don't know if we could handle them now if we hadn't had the training from early on. She's so personal and flexible and we learned so much , so fast. It has really helped us enjoy these boys!
The P., Pearland, Texas 26th August 2013

With Connie's expertise and the Bark Busters training methods, my dog has made great progress. Here are a few examples. Before: pulled on leash. After: walks by my side. Before: chewed on his bed, my shoes, and lamp cords. After: chewing & destructive behavior has been curbed. Before: rushed the door when visitors entered. After: sits until I give him the signal to move. Before: did not respond to correction. After: listens to me with the Bark Busters techniques. Although my dog was always sweet-natured, I was unable to communicate with him and therefore unable to control him. Connie has provided excellent advice as to why he does what he does and how I can control his behavior. Her extensive understanding of dog behavior, as well as the humane & effective techniques, have been transformational for my dog and me.
Julie Z., Manvel, Texas 14th August 2013

We decided to train our puppy when he was about 5 months old (now 8 months) because i couldn't take him anymore. He was way to hyper, wouldn't calm down, i couldn't walk him on a leash without him constantly pulling, separation anxiety, and wouldn't "sit", "stay", "lay down", etc. I was ready to give him up. I decided to give Connie at Bark Busters a call and she reassured me that she could help. Boy, did she! Within the first 15 minutes of the very first lesson, Ollie was sitting and laying down when we told him to. She taught us exactly what we needed to do and that first week was the biggest relief i had in a while. Im almost 100% sure that if i had not done the training, we would have returned Ollie. And although im sure we still have a lot to learn and train on....we've reached a point where Connie doesn't have to come every week anymore! In just 2.5 short months, we've pretty much done all we can with a little puppy at this point. We have learned how to control/contain his jolly, hyper spirits. He walks 100% better on the leash, plays so well with other dogs now (isn't the little scardy cat he used to be), and now pretty much always listens when we tell him to do something. It's gotten to the point where we will fill his bowl with food and he will wait (even right next to the bowl) for us to tell him he can eat! Connie is the sweetest person too. She knew how much i wanted to love my dog and she made sure i did! She works diligently to make sure your dog gets the attention it needs and the help you need! We couldn't have asked for a better trainer!
Lisa C., Pearland, Texas 7th August 2013

I am so glad that we made the call to Bark Busters to get help with our little Yorkie, Peanut. It was nearly impossible to have visitors come in to our home with all the barking, growling and showing of teeth. Peanut may not ever love strangers, but at least we know how to stop all the barking and growling that we had. Peanut was even taking treats from Connie by the time she left. Thanks so much, Bark Busters.
Brenda R., Friendswood, Texas 28th July 2013

Digby was a totally out-of-control, crazy puppy until we got help from Bark Busters. The results were immediate and we are now enjoying our puppy much more. We still have work to do with Digby, but now we can have him around our children without total chaos. Connie was wonderful with all of us, including our children.
Joyce T., Missouri City, Texas 22nd July 2013

Scott N., Houston, Texas 16th July 2013

Connie addressed all of our issues in a very easy-to-understand way. Blake responded very well and I think all of our pups will get along much better now. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters and Connie to any of my friends in need.
Angela C., Alvin, Texas 9th July 2013

Our toy poodle has been with us since he was 2 months old and we have been treating him as our baby all this time. Six years later and with a child of our own, we realized that "Cholito" needed to learn how to behave, in many ways, peeing all over the house, jumping on people, barking at other dogs, and more. We contacted David and since the moment he walked into our house Cholito changed. David has come twice to our home and he has been so wonderful, patient, flexible, understanding and an amazing trainer. He has effectively trained our dog in so many things in such a short time, it is amazing. The key is to practice. We highly recommend David! He is a very nice and genuine guy. Thank you
Elena & Art Muniz, Houston, Texas 30th June 2013

Connie Archer has been wonderful. We have an overly protective, under-socialized male dachshund. While we still have goals to reach and improvements to make, we've seen so much improvement in our dog, ourselves and our enjoyment of him. Connie has a great way of training us and helping us break our bad habits without making us feel bad. She's great.
Karen C., Dickinson, Texas 14th November 2012

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