Dog Owners Reviews

We really liked Donna & Jim! It was fun!
Holly C., Houston 6th September 2007

Donna Smith's professionalism and wonderful personality were a wonderful match for teaching and training.
Lynn E., Houston 6th September 2007

Great techniques -- they really emphasize teaching and praising versus punishing. Donna and Jim really worked with us and were patient with all of our questions and concerns.
Isabelle R., Houston 6th September 2007

I was amazed at all the mixed signals I was sending to my dog and wasn't even aware of before it was pointed out to me by Donna. Everyone I know is controlled by their dogs, and they just don't know it. Everyone I know needs Bark Busters to realize it.
Allison S., Houston 6th September 2007

Donna was great. She was very patient with me and very kind to my dog. Simple techniques, fast results, excellent therapist.
Jennifer B., Houston 6th September 2007

Donna and Jim are very knowledgeable about dog behavior and training techniques. They taught me how to work with my dogs and achieve positive results.
Catie, Houston 6th September 2007

It was absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe the change. I am enjoying working with my dog on our homework -- it's fun for both of us. I feel like we're finally communicating!
Leah K., Houston 6th September 2007

Amazing -- my dog hated his crate, and Donna got him to lay in it on his own free will! I was very happy to see no physical contact.
Nicole L., Houston 6th September 2007

Great stress relief to have a way of dealing with bad behaviors.
Kristi Z., Houston 6th September 2007

They come to your home and train in the dog's everyday environment. They are committed to seeing the job through to completion/satisfaction. The results speak for themselves.
Beth E., Houston 6th September 2007

This is the best decision I've made regarding my dog. We did 2 years of play/reward training techniques, and the only result was an aggressive dog. This has absolutely changed our ability to coexist and enabled us to do activities that I never dreamed would be possible.
Alison S., Houston 6th September 2007

I think every dog owner should go through this training.
Chris B., Houston 6th September 2007

I enjoyed seeing the progress made by both of my dogs. This is a safe, fool-proof way to help you train your dogs.
Binaca K., Houston 6th September 2007

I am always looking for a recommendation for my clients -- they will appreciate the fact that force/treats are not used!
Katherine P., Houston 6th September 2007

My dogs responded immediately to the voice commands and did well on the leash training. I like the natural training methods without treats.
Mary W., Houston 6th September 2007

I'm in love with my dog again! Jim and Donna were very professional and easy to work with.
Fred A., Houston 18th August 2007

The techniques were easy to understand or Bob physically showed us how to use the techniques. Franklin responded very well even before the session was over. We love the techniques b/c its all about voice tones and body language, not physical discipline. Franklin responds much better to this method. Bob made the training enjoyable w/personal stories and tips. We are so happy with the results. Thank You, Bob !!
Justin & Amber S., Cypress, Texas 15th August 2007

Bob is a very affable, nice gentleman. The results were excellent with this natural training method, it is very dog and people friendly. Thanks !
George and Donna H., Cypress, Texas 12th August 2007

I love that the training takes place in your own home and there is someone to call if you have problems later. I'm thrilled that the training method doesn't involve punishment, yet is so effective.
Diana V., Houston, Texas 11th July 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Smith were great. I could tell what they were teaching me was effective within twenty minutes of their visit. I am very pleased with how well Fedor has responded to this method. It makes sense. Donna and Jim are very knowledgeable about what they do. Donna has even made an appointment to meet me at the dog park to work on long- distance attentiveness training with all the chaos of the dog park. I highly recommend Bark Busters, especially Donna and Jim Smith. Thank you.
Melissa, Stafford 10th July 2007

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