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Donna was an excellent trainer. Calm and patient with both Mosby and I. When we started Mosby's training I had puppy marks up and down my arms and legs. What I learned was that Mosby's behavior was as much my fault as his. My body language, tone of voice and demeanor were all wrong. I have my homework ahead of me but now have the tools to refer to. I feel "bah" has become my life saver. Even though I may appear strange to my neighbors. I can't thank Donna and Bark Busters enough and will gladly recommend to friends and family. Mosby will be my shining example of a well behaved dog.
Eva P., Houston, Texas 14th August 2015

Our view of controlling bad behavior has dramatically changed ever since we met Bob and his Bark Buster techniques. We had the typical "Marley". The one that jumped on everyone who came to our house weather she liked them or not. She barked and pounced on the front door while clawing the wood away at every doorbell ring. She had so much energy, she couldn't stay focused enough on us to correct her or calm her. We tried walking her to wear energy down but she ended up pulling and tugging in every direction. It didn't matter what kind of collar/harness she wore or how many treats we brought along. We would like to think of ourselves has good pet parents and did everything you hear about in books and animal shows to correct her at home ourselves. We read reviews and did research on our breed and consulted our vet. We broke down and paid for a puppy class where we went once a week and felt like a complete failures when our Bella was more interested in the other puppies and pulling away from us during instruction. We were so busy trying to settle her down that we would miss half the class and felt like we were apologizing the entire time. It got to a point where we would walk through the door (Bella up on her hind legs, pulling all the way) and we got looks from the other puppy parents as if "oh great, here comes the wild one, please don't stand it next to mine." We went every class and on the last graduation class I said forget it... this did not work. A year later we gathered up the money to send her away for a week. We thought "Hey, maybe he can do a better job and send her back fixed." ... nope... She did well while he presented all the calm walks she did for him and how she sat when he stopped walking. It seemed to have done the trick. She even did well while I held the leash and walked her in front of him. Everything seemed manageable until I brought her home. She went right back to her same behaviors. Feeling defeated we gave up and just went back to apologizing to our guest for our wild animal and had fewer gatherings at our house. I would notice all the nicely behaved pets in the pets stores walking with there owners wondering how we ended up with the problem and everyone else's pup seems to listen. The excuses poured over me and I began to blame myself. Maybe it was because she was a runt and not with her litter long. Maybe it was because she was not a docile puppy and not a purebred. I feared taking her to a pet store it was more of a workout torture task than a fun day out and about. I decided I wanted that family pet I didn't have to apologize for, that's when I stumbled across Bark Busters searching on the web. It intrigued me that Bark Busters came to your house, where away lessons had never worked before with Bella. Bob explained how changes come much more quickly and effectively in the home environment which was a bonus for us considering she learned that she had to behave this way with us here at home and not just in a class with instructors... where we all failed. After a chat and about two hours of instruction we were set with the homework and tools to work with before a follow up. Bella showed how well she responded to the techniques Bob Williams had taught us and we were pleased. After a week of consistency even our guests and visiting family members praise her for her noticeable behavior improvement. The whole family feels like we accomplished what we we were aiming for and while none of us are perfect we know that calling Bob and Bark Busters is the last stop we have to make for lessons. Thank you Bob Williams for making our Bella enjoyable for everyone to be around and we will continue to use your tools and techniques on our future pets to come.
Amy J., Cypress, Texas 13th August 2015

Connie is dedicated, knowledgeable and is patient beyond words. She gives you and your pet her full attention and doesn't worry about watching the clock. Her approach is kind, firm and direct and my dog seemed to like her visits. I would highly recommend Connie to anyone needing or wanting to improve their dog's behavior.
Yvonne C., Manvel, Texas 10th August 2015

Cannot believe the difference in just the first 10 minutes...and it only got better! BOB IS AWESOME! Never thought these results were possible, and certainly didn't believe it would happen so quickly! STRANGERS: Five-year-old Brody was abused in his earlier years and, as a result, developed anxiety/aggression (barking/snapping) towards strangers and other animals. Within 5-10 minutes, Brody's demeanor towards Bob was calm and respectful. By 20-30 minutes, Brody was even laying near Bob's feet. During Bob's second visit (two weeks later), Brody was cautious at first, but he didn't snap or bark at Bob. Jaw-dropping results! OTHER ANIMALS: Fence-line barking battles between Brody and the neighbors' two pups have been pretty relentless for two years. However, Brody now almost always opts to ignore them when they bark at him (even without human reinforcement). Those results started showing in the first few hours after Bob's first visit. FRONT DOOR KNOCK/DOORBELL: Used to have a barkfest when hearing a doorbell on TV. Not anymore. To be clear, we want him to bark initially (as an alert), but he is learning when to turn off his "alert system." We don't get many unexpected visitors, so Brody hasn't gotten a lot of practice with this. That being said, the result has been amazing. WALKS: I used to have to RUN (of which I am not fond) because Brody has been like a greyhound out of a starting gate (and Jack Russells are not exactly slouchers in the speed department). Since Bob's first visit, Brody WALKS right beside me (as Bob trained him to do) with minimal correction. Whether I speed up or slow down, Brody is right with me. LOVE IT!
McKenna C., Tomball, Texas 1st August 2015

We had our training session today with David. It was wonderful! David is a master at dog training . . .we had immediate results with barking control. The training is humane and straight forward. We achieved all of our dog training goals with David's guidance. Since he left we have been following the training tips and are very pleased with the results. We are confident that with our continued commitment to following the training David provided us our dog will be much happier and we will be happier dog owners. Thank you David! We highly recommend David and BarkBuster's Dog Training approach.
Sharon P., Houston, Texas 28th June 2015

Bob has done a terrific job with Franklin. He is extremely patient and understands all the issues we have with our new puppy. He has educated us on how to achieve the behavior we are looking for and is very responsive if we have questions or need him to come to our home for some refresher lessons. We have tried other methods, including a 3 week boot camp but the in home method works the best for both Franklin and ourselves.
Ken & Lilia R., Spring, Texas 27th June 2015

I am very impressed with the improvement my dogs have shown after one session with Donna. She really worked some magic. A large part was that we needed to establish who was in charge, which she showed us how to do without any need to frighten, intimidate, or hurt the animals. I think Teddie the Corgi used to be the leader of the family pack: but he wasn't really happy in that role, and seems more secure now. He's a smart dog who needed leadership, as Donna explained. Hugo also is learning to come when called, and that's a big step forward. We are very happy with the training so far. Tried another group last year and quit after one session even thought that meant giving up a considerable sum of money because I didn't like the approach of the trainer, either to me or the dogs. The difference between that experience and working with Donna is amazing. She's knowledgeable, professional, fun, and gets results.
Jill L., Houston, Texas 15th June 2015

It has been a pleasure working with Donna to train my new rescue dog. First of all, she was very prompt in calling me to schedule appointments and explained the training process to me. She taught my dog to sit and wait for his food, not scratch at the backdoor and walk beside me when on walks instead of pulling the leash and "walking me". I recommend Donna's training! She is so easy to work with and listens carefully to your needs. Thank you Donna for making our house a more peaceful place and training me to be a better dog owner.
Angela S., Houston, Texas 31st May 2015

ALL of us were totally impressed with the information Bob Williams presented to us in just a short period of time. He came across easy for us to understand and uncomplicated the communication going on with our 7month on Yorkshire Terrier, Missy. We are SO grateful we started out sooner than later with our behavior adjustments. His presentation was a very professional and personal approach. When he left, we had lots of homework. But, it has been a good thing. What a JOY it has been watching Missy learning to please & obey. Sometimes I catch her trying to remind me what I am supposed to do! It was well worth our time and money. I can see many years ahead of pleasure with the Barkbusters techniques.
Ginger & Jim W., Cypress, Texas 5th May 2015

Bob was great. We were very comfortable with him in our home and Saki responded to him immediately. We asked Bob to help us with Saki's barking when someone comes to the door or she is startled by cars passing by. Bob gave us a technique to use that is working great. I was very surprised by the results that we achieved in just a short time with Bob.
Debbie J., Spring, Texas 15th April 2015

My husband and I rescued our one-year-old lab/shepherd mix named Biggio just less than a month ago, and we had our first consultation with Bob Williams this evening. Biggio was very responsive to Bob, and we learned some great ways to deal with the behavioral issues we've been having with Biggio. The information that Bob shared with us tonight is simple, straight-forward, and invaluable. We're looking forward to working further with Bob in the near future to ensure that Biggio thrives and becomes a happy, healthy, and well-disciplined member of our family.
Jenny M., Houston, Texas 11th April 2015
Trainer's Comments
I emphasized to Todd and Jenny that everything is (literally) better than the day before. If not, call me back. Biggio is gonna be a good dog fixin' to be a great dog !!

We've had a variety of breeds and aged dogs for 30 yrs. Never had issues like we had with our 2 year old German Shepherd. Connie helped us "speak dog" and better understand dog body language. Her professionalism, patient energy, and ability to teach us using training aids, hand signals, and verbal commands was extremely effective. Within 3 sessions, she addressed and corrected Jethro's pulling on the leash, bullying ahead through doors/gates, barking aggressively at strangers and house guests, coming when called and interacting gently and appropriately with our 2 Pomeranians. We highly recommend Connie Archer as someone who can quickly get to the root of your dog's issues and you can trust to effectively address them at a good pace. She also uses your feedback to modify things that aren't working!
Holly B., Friendswood, Texas 3rd April 2015

We have had a variety of aged dogs over 30 yrs but continued to have trouble with our 2 y/o G.Shepherd. Connie was amazing training Jethro and us! She optimized her time here and made every minute of her 3 visits count. She addressed his bullying ahead through doorways/gates, walking on a leash, coming when called, interacting more appropriately with our 2 Pomeranians and desensitizing him to new people. She equipped us with verbal commands, hand signals, and loads on information on how to "speak dog". Connie truly listens, is very patient, encouraging, is up front with concerns and honest with feedback. I highly recommend using Connie Archer to help you address and correct the issues with your dog(s).
Holly B., Friendswood, Texas 1st April 2015

After our first 3 hour session, I can already see a marked improvement in Ozzy's behavior. He immediately responds to correction and understands who is the pack leader in our house. Bob's advice and techniques will go a long way in helping us maintain control of our household instead of Ozzy thinking he is the one in charge. Thanks, Bob! Ozzy is changed.
Kelly M., Cypress, Texas 22nd February 2015

The training method was very effective and all done with voice command. The response by Rollo was immediate. He no longer pulls on the leash when we go for a walk and doesn't get his hackles up. David was very clear in his presentation and explained the process very well.
William H., Houston, Texas 18th February 2015

I was blown away. In two hours it was like having a new dog! No jumping, chewing, nipping. He finally started to behave after 4 weeks of trying to train him on my own. I was ready to give the dog back. Thanks to Bob with Bark Busters we didn't have to. My son was so happy. I highly recommend Bark Busters.
Candice C., Houston, Texas 7th February 2015

Bob was really a gods blessing to us and our best friend. It was getting so bad my wife was becoming afraid of his aggression and nipping at people. He had even bitten (2) persons, until Bob. Now we have our little man under control, my wife is the strength instead of weakness. Great job Bob and God Bless You, for you saved our baby.
Leo H., Cypress, Texas 6th February 2015

David Hay arrived exactly on time and had organized information and equipment. He carefully listened to our concerns and began instructing and encouraging us and our dog in these areas. He was patient with our questions and was immediate with suggestions and training exercises. He exhibited the surprising growl which our dog immediately responded to. He repeated this over and over, and each time taught us and the dog. He left a folder very full of much training advise and training information and telling us to expect more emails and information. He called the following day telling us to call him any time and reminding us to do our homework and encouraging us to expect more email information. He did everything we hoped and expected in "how to change" our behavior and that of our dog. We are grateful for his time and expert advice. Sincerely, Maudeen & Joe Eccles
Maudeen E., Houston, Texas 30th January 2015

My 14 month old Coton had been to two different methods in the past, but none of these could help me get her to walk without pulling on her leash. She would pull constantly and jump around all over the place but after just one session with Bob she walks along at my heel like a little lady. She is constantly focused on me and where she is meant to be and we are both enjoying her walks much much more. My husband could not believe the change in her in such a short time. My older Coton has always barked and ran at the door whenever someone knocks. She also jumped all over people when they come in and would not lie down and leave them alone. This too has seen a dramatic change. She minds me when I tell her not to bark and stays her distance until approached. We are still working on getting this perfect but we have only been at it a week and the change already is wonderful! I was skeptical about trying Bark Busters but am so glad that I did! I only wish I'd done it sooner!
LORRAINE B., THE WOODLANDS, Texas 29th January 2015

I was a skeptic about this visit. Now I feel such relief learning from Bob. Easy methods to train our dog: he behaves differently and I'm excited to start this training. We love our dogs, and really thankful to see how we can enjoy them and friends at the same time. Thanks Bob ....
Leo & Maria H., Cypress, Texas 20th January 2015

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