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Bob Williams, your local dog trainer and behavior expert

Serving: Cypress, Hufsmith, Katy, Spring, Tomball

In the last decade I have had the pleasure of successfully sharing the Bark Buster’s dog training method to over 3000 dogs and well over 10,000 dog owners in Northwest Houston (Katy, Cypress, Houston, Champions, Tomball, Spring and The Woodlands), as one of the ten trainers that represent Bark Busters in the Houston metro area. We are celebrating our 25th year and our 1,000,000th dog world-wide this year.

The method is simple and it has to be because dogs are simple animals, smart but simple. It is based on the two basics of dog training – leadership and communication.

Leadership – Dogs have an innate need for social structure and security in their pack. If you don’t provide leadership to your canine family members they are forced to provide leadership to you and that is where the problems begin. This “dog” leadership manifests itself in many ways – ignoring you when you call, jumping up, pulling on the lead, showing too much interest or aggression to other dogs, barking at passers-by or going nuts when there is someone at your door, etc. These unwelcome behaviors are caused by the dog’s understanding that they are responsible for the safety and security of the pack. Once the dog understands that you provide the leadership they are free to be the happy dog that they want to be and the dog you want in your pack.

Communication –   Dogs understand their language, not our language. Dogs communicate three ways - body language, growl and snap and we see this all the time. When dogs meet the dominate dog stands tall and stiffly to demonstrate assertiveness and usually the body language is all the communication that has to occur. If the communication has to escalate there is normally a growl next (warning) and if necessary a snap (threat). This is how we teach you to communicate with your dog. Are we asking you to growl “GRRR” and snap your jaws like a dog? Not at all, it is the simple use of correct body language and proper voice tones when you are displeased with your dog’s behavior and lots of praise when your dog makes a good decision. That is all it is. You never touch a dog when you correct with our method, it is simple communication that you dog already understands. We don’t use treats (who always has those), clickers (another food motivation) or prong/shock collars (called “e-collars” to sound less harsh and harmful). Rather, we teach you how to communicate with your dog in the simple way that dogs communicate with each other.

Let me come to your home and teach you how to train dogs. Dogs are dogs and they all understand the Bark Busters method. The first session takes about 2-1/2 hours and follow ups (as many as you need) are normally about 45 minutes to an hour. After the first session you will be absolutely amazed with what you accomplish (you do it, I’m just the coach) and you’ll be convinced that the method works for you and your dog. That is my personal guarantee !

For further information about how you can find help for your dog

Call Bob at 1-877-500-BARK (2275) or e-mail Bob directly

List of areas covered by Bark Busters Houston Northwest:

Cypress, Houston, Hufsmith, Katy, Spring, Tomball.

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